Iowa Geospatial Infrastructure

This page is a source for documents and information related to the development of spatial data infrastructure for the State of Iowa.

Iowa Geospatial Infrastructure final report from GITA

GITA completed a final report to IGIC on for a return on investment study for the Iowa Geospatial Infrastructure.

The Iowa Geographic Information Council through the USGS Cooperative Agreements Program (CAP)

Read more here IGI-Final-Report and IGI-Appendix-A


Repository page for documents related to the development of a spatial data infrastructure for Iowa.

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This folder has IGI fact sheets, posters and PowerPoint presentations.

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Structures and Transportation CAP Grant 2008

Building Stewardship Capacity for Structures and Transportation Geodata within the Iowa Geospatial Infrastructure

Final report for CAP Grant 08HQAG0063

Final Report SMT Setup SMT Tutorial

Final Report Zip File