Repository for documents related to the development of a spatial data infrastructure for Iowa.


The goal of this project was to develop a business plan for the creation of the Iowa Geospatial Infrastructure (IGI), Iowa’s contribution to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). The strategic plan to be used by the Iowa Geographic Information Council (IGIC) to guide this effort will be completed in-house. However, IGIC received outside assistance from the Geospatial Information Technology Association (GITA) to provide expertise and education for completing the business plan, business case, and financial analysis to support the strategic plan. This combined effort will facilitate the implementation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure by assessing the needs of local entities that are not currently using geospatial technology, as well as those trying to maintain existing investments, and further support and promote the creation of high quality local datasets compatible with the IGI.


Complete text of interviews for the project.


The Iowa Geographic Information Council (IGIC) is seeking proposals from qualified firms, organizations or individuals to provide services relating to the development of a business plan to build a statewide spatial data infrastructure, or SSDI.

IGI presentation to ICIT-061208

This is an IGI presentation that Jim G gave at the ICIT yearly meeting in Sioux City on June 12, 2008. It does not contain the final report conclusions, but some of the major findings on ROI for counties without GIS, counties with GIS participating in IGI and the overall statewide project.

Final Report to FGDC on Iowa 50 States CAP Grant 2007

This is the final report sent to FGDC on IGIC's 2007 Cap Grant. It follows the basic FGDC 50 States report template and answers specific questions about the project and the CAP grant process. Written by CAP grant coordinator Jim Giglierano.


IGIC hired Pete Buckingham Consulting, Inc. to interview county officials in a number of counties in southern Iowa to ascertain the status of GIS in their counties. Here is Pete's report on this phase of interviews.


IGIC hired Pete Buckingham Consulting, Inc. to interview county officials in the northern half of the state as well. Here is Pete's report.


This file is a short summary of framework data activities and status in Iowa, from around August 2008. It is part of the IGIC IGI Business Plan.

IGI Implementation Plan Spreadsheet

This document spreadsheet shows a best case plan for the next 5 years of IGI development should state base funding and other project specific funding becomes available.

ROI Study Spreadsheets

ROI Study Spreadsheet Page

State Agency Documents

A summary of responses to a questionnaire handed out at the May 13, 2008 state agency GIS meeting held at the DNR offices.

State Agency GIS Inventory051308

This is a state organization chart colored up by who attended the May 13, 2008 state agency GIS meeting.


GIS and the Flood of 2008 - Iowa ROI Project 2

Financial Analysis of GIS, imagery and modeling for the 2008 Iowa Flood - GITA's financial analysis of geospatial technology used to respond to the 2008 Iowa Flood, applied over 20 years by emergency management agencies to respond to anticipated disasters.

Financial Analysis of Use of GIS- Imagery and Modeling for the 2008 Iowa Flood

Complete text of interviews by GITA to find costs and benefits of GIS, imagery and modeling used during the response to the Iowa Flood of 2008


Data Stewardship and Standards

Framework Data Ownership and Stewardship - Draft document originally created in 2007 to document the relationship between IGI framework data, other local/state government business data. Document identifies existing stewards and data integrators as well as potential data/steward relationships