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Rebuild Iowa Advisory Commission Issues 120-Day Report to Governor Culver

For those that may have missed it, the Rebuild Iowa Commission issued its final report on Monday, November 17, 2008 to the Iowa Legislature on how Iowa should continue to respond to natural disasters.

The final report includes a list of 12 recommendations for responding to Iowa’s long-term recovery, with potential strategies for implementing the recommendations.  The list of recommendations:

  • Provide individual services and guidance;
  • Make housing a priority;
  • Provide incentives for Iowa’s struggling small businesses, micro-enterprises, and non-profits;
  • Invest in infrastructure;
  • Create sustainable funding options for local and state rebuilding efforts;
  • Invest in local emergency management agencies for the central coordination function and work in all areas of emergency management;
  • Enact policies to make communities sustainable and protect Iowa’s quality of life and cultural heritage;
  • Lead and support integrated, regional recovery planning;
  • Enact policy to address floodplain and watershed management;
  • Complete floodplain mapping for the entire state;
  • Formalize the Rebuild Iowa Office and recovery responsibilities;
  • Lead communications efforts to educate Iowans on recovery efforts and planning for future potential disasters.

For a full read of the recommendations and the strategies they outline, the Commission’s final report (http://www NULL.rio NULL.iowa NULL.gov/assets/RIO_120_DAY_REPORT NULL.pdf) is available online from the Rebuild Iowa (http://www NULL.rio NULL.iowa NULL.gov/) website.

After reading the recommendations and the final report, is there any input from IGICians out there on the role geospatial coordination could and should play in making these recommendations a reality?

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