Imagery for Iowa

Following on the successes of the statewide 2002 orthoimagery project spearheaded by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, IGIC undertook a subsequent effort in 2007 to work towards a consistent statewide orthoimagery program that would meet the needs of many IGIC members.

The vision of the Iowa Geographic Information Council is that Iowa will have a sustainable and flexible digital aerial imagery program that meets the needs of local, state, regional, tribal, federal and private partners. State funding should support statewide production of standardized multi-resolution products on a consistent cycle. Local, regional, private, and federal partners could pay to enhance those products in specific areas based on their needs. The imagery should remain in the public domain and be archived to secure its availability for future scientific, legal, and historical purposes.

Headway was made in approaching constituent groups and outlining a conceptual design of how the program would operate but was unable in 2007 or following years to find a funding champion.  Collaboration since that time has worked to obtain funds to upgrade the resolution of data collected through the NAIP program.

To view imagery available for the State of Iowa go here.

The following are previous proposals and recommendations.

One page summary document that highlights the proposal.

Imagery for Iowa- DRAFT Proposal-June07

This document demonstrates the importance of aerial photography in Franklin and Hardin County. It was presented to the Agricultural Appropriations Sub-Committee on February 21, 2007.

Franklin and Hardin County Use Aerial Photography

Information regarding recommendation to complete funding for statewide aerial imagery in Iowa.

Information Regarding the Recommendation to Complete Funding of a Statewide Aerial Photography Project in Iowa