Jim Giglierano wins the MAGIC Service Award

Couldn’t go to a more deserving person. Thanks for all that you do for Iowa’s GIS community!

“Jim Giglierano wins the MAGIC Service Award #MAGICgis2010
The award description:

GIS Service Nominees have demonstrated outstanding contributions to GIS Service benefiting their community in the MidAmerica region during the past two years. Contributions may have been through education, outreach, training, applications, projects or by successfully accomplishing grants that benefit their communities.”

If we get photos of Jim in his tuxedo accepting the award or a copy of his acceptance speech, we’ll make sure to get it posted online as soon as possible.

(And for those of you out there, you can follow all of the goings-on at the MAGIC 2010 Symposium on Twitter: #MAGICgis2010)

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