Iowa Geopsatial Infrastructure Progress Report – November 2008

The Iowa Geospatial Infrastructure will ultimately be a community of GIS data providers, service bureaus, and connecting technology that delivers framework data layers to all GIS users across the state. We have a long way to go towards that goal, but experience with the flood of 2008 has pointed out the urgent need for better data sharing, data collection and technology assistance at all levels of government.

Every month I will try to give a snapshot of our progress as we lurch forward on various tasks and initiatives. These are the activities I am aware of – I am sure there are others that are pertinent, whether its a regional ortho data collection project, a new geospatial web service or some GIS person in the basement of his courthouse that has discovered a better way to do something useful with GIS and needs to share it. So let me know if you have something to talk about.

  1. 2007 CAP Grant completed and sent in Sept 30 – good comments back from FGDC
  2. 2008 CAP Grant – Building Stewardship Capacity for Structures and Transportation
    • sent in interim report
    • footprint web update tool progressing – using 2006 Des Moines lidar as test data
    • tested lidar analyst to produce building footprints from LAS data
    • no progress on production of structures from lidar
    • need to work on list of attributes for transportation data – project team and road data stakeholders
    • DOT working on WMS and WFS for delivering transportation data services to all users – due in November sometime
  3. Statewide 2′ leaf-off 4-band ortho-imagery
    • Sanborn delivered northern border fix for 17 NW Iowa Project
    • creating mosaics of 17 counties
    • RFP released for spring 2009 flights in western Iowa, closes 11/17 – will select contractor in December
    • second Pooled Technology Funding for 2010 flights in eastern part of state – rated #1 by IT heads – funding in jeopardy due to flood recovery
  4. DNR Geocoding Project – create address points for 30-50 counties, with address validation and geocoding web services
    • proposal rated #3 by IT heads – funding in jeopardy due to flood recovery and budget shortfalls
    • need to start thinking about process and available data
    • find existing AP coverages from a few counties to look at standards
    • scope out requirements
    • look at MSAGs and try to geocode using existing centerline files
    • who will do the work?
  5. County GIS service bureau pilot project
    • LGIF Proposal delivered on Oct 31
    • proposal basically says to hire 2 people for 2 years to get county GIS data into ICIT data repository, create metadata, make available state data layers to counties, like lidar contours, etc., and build a pilot web mapping service with both county and state GIS framework data
  6. IGI Outreach
    • Met with state CIO Oct 28 – need to prepare demo for legislature to justify pooled tech projects, test demo in December, deliver in Jan/Feb, 3-4 minutes in length
    • IGI talk at ISAC Fall School in November, Jim and Paula talk to Supervisors Affiliate
    • Article for ISAC magazine in Nov.
  7. Flood 2008 ROI
    • Contract amendment with GITA completed and signed – Oct 1 start date
    • Mary Ann Stewart of GITA started interviews
  8. Next steps for ROI?
    • CAP grant application not possible this coming year – Iowa got too many recent grants
    • do we look for private funding $50k – $75k – shall we do municpalities? – need to investigate letter of inquiriy for private funding
    • Economic development ROI?
    • Regional gov’t, NGOs, utilities ROI?
  9. State Agency GIS Group
    • met Oct 30 at SEOC in Johnston
    • discussed flood experiences
    • forming executive or steering committee with one POC at each agency
  10. Hi-resolution land cover
    • next land cover producers meeting at Iowa City, Nov 24 – what we have so far in the way of production techniques: UNI, UI, ISU and DNR
  11. Statewide Lidar Production

Sanborn Status map from last May Preliminary map – some areas may change later as processing proceeds.

Lots of things going on: stay tuned.
Jim Giglierano

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