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IGI Progress Report – 12/30/08

1) 2007 CAP Grant completed and sent in Sept 30 – good comments back from FGDC
– FGDC project website: http://www.fgdc.gov/grants/2007CAP/projects/07HQAG0043 (http://www NULL.fgdc NULL.gov/grants/2007CAP/projects/07HQAG0043)
– IGIC project website: https://www.iowagic.org/igi (http://www NULL.iowagic NULL.org/igi)

2) 2008 CAP Grant – Building Stewardship Capacity for Structures and Transportation
– footprint web update tool progressing – using 2006 Des Moines lidar as test data
– no progress on production of structures from lidar
– need to work on list of attributes for transportation data – project team and road data stakeholders
– DOT working on WMS and WFS for delivering transportation data services to all users – due soon

3) Statewide 2′ leaf-off 4-band ortho-imagery
– creating mosaics of 17 NW counties
– Aerial Services selected as contractor for spring 2009 and 2010 flights – see map below
– Funding for 2010 flights in eastern part of state in jeopardy due to flood recovery and economic downturn

4) Geocoding Project – create address points for 30-50 counties, with address validation and geocoding web services – DNR project team
– proposal rated #3 by IT heads – funding in jeopardy due to flood recovery and budget shortfalls

5) County GIS service bureau pilot project
– LGIF Proposal delivered on Oct 31 – waiting for results from LGIF board
– proposal says to basically hire 2 people for 2 years to get county GIS data into ICIT repository, create metadata data, plus make available state data layers to counties, like lidar contours, etc.
6) IGI Outreach
– Need to prepare demo for legislature to justify pooled tech projects, test demo in December, deliver in Jan/Feb, 3-4 minutes in length – Jon Paoli lead
– Jim talked to Iowa County Engineers GIS Committee, Dec 4 – follow up meeting set up for Jan 16 in Des Moines

7) Iowa 2008 Flood Return on Investment Project
– MAS has interviewed 30 persons about their flood experiences in 2008

8) State Agency GIS Group
– met Oct 30 at SEOC in Johnston
– forming executive or steering committee with one POC at each agency

9) Hi-resolution land cover
– land cover producers met in Iowa City, Nov 24 – discussed what we have so far in the way of production techniques: UNI, UI, ISU and DNR
– next meeting to be at the end of March 2009

10) Lidar Production
– continues: contact Chris Kahle (chris.kahle@dnr.iowa.gov) for specifics

11) Hydrography Production
– DES delivered local resolution NHD for 27 HUC12s for pilot project – DNR checking over

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