Census Day 2010

Just a friendly reminder for all of you out there on this gorgeous April morning who haven't yet turned in your Census questionnaire to get those in the mail.  I'm sure you've seen and heard the commercials that talk about the importance of filling out and returning your Census forms by today so we won't go into that.  We won't talk about the tax dollars that are required to have folks go back out and canvas neighborhoods picking up  forms either.  Let's talk about something else entirely.  Competition.

For the 2000 Census Iowa had the highest rate of return in the country at 79%.  The little widget below says that Iowa is sitting at 60% participation as of April 1, 2010.  Not too shabby but that puts us in 5th place.  Our Midwest neighbors Nebraska (61%), North Dakota (61%), North Dakota (62%) and Wisconsin (62%) all lead the great state of Iowa in return rates.

Also, kudos to Dubuque for being at the top of the list of "Top 50 Places" on Census Day 2010 with a rate of 70%.

So, just a gentle reminder to send your forms back in if you haven't done so already and go ahead encourage your neighbors to do the same.

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