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UMGEOCON Registration Reminder

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We’re getting down to the wire on open registrations (both in terms of time, conference is May 25-26th, and availability), so if you were thinking about joining in on the conference this go I enthusiastically encourage you to do so soon!  It only costs $185 to attend (or 50 bucks if you’re a student), and there are meals included… yes.. meals!

If you have been meaning to register (like me) and just haven’t… do so now!

If you were on the fence…

I took a look at the current participation list and did a quick summary of those who are already participating (which is basically everyone).  Currently we have representatives from the public and private sectors to co-operatives.  We have a variety of consulting firms, city, county, regional, and state groups, ranging from rural to urban, as well as several organizations that work across state lines.  There are attendees from community college ranks, universities, and continuing education (training).  The specialties range from general GIS, geospatial data collection, analysis and cartography to more specific LiDAR and Aerial Photography collection and analysis.  We have open-source and commercial software vendors, as well as a variety of service providers ranging from web services, data services, cloud and storage services.  And finally we have the following application areas… transportation and infrastructure, demographics, climate, engineering, architectural, geologic, utility, geodetic, conservation, natural resources, water resources and hydrology, pollution, agriculture and food, animal health, cultural resources management and archaeology, public policy, and military.

So yes, we have a lot of coverage at this point. I’d like to see a good turnout from Iowa, so if you have any interest please consider attending.


Free workshops – http://conta.cc/26OBx33

USNG workshop – http://conta.cc/1raYE7j

Main GEOCON site – http://www.uwlax.edu/conted/geocon/index.html

Agenda! – http://www.uwlax.edu/conted/geocon/agenda.html

Registration –  http://www.uwlax.edu/conted/geocon/register.html

Vendor? You can still attend as well – http://conta.cc/1riFM6k

Hope to see you there!