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LiDAR for Iowa

Iowa DNR: LiDAR Interactive Mapping (http://www NULL.iowadnr NULL.gov/Environment/GeologyMapping/MappingGIS/LiDAR NULL.aspx)
Contains links to FAQs, project status reports, brochures, partner information, and more.
The data is available in various formats at:
  • LiDAR LAS files: http://www.geotree.uni.edu/lidarProject.aspx (http://www NULL.geotree NULL.uni NULL.edu/lidarProject NULL.aspx)
  • LiDAR Products (contours, elevation models): http://www.igsb.uiowa.edu/nrgislibx (http://www NULL.igsb NULL.uiowa NULL.edu/nrgislibx/)
Materials presented to the Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee during the 2006 Iowa Legislature Session
These materials were presented on January 26, 2006
Click here for the report (http://www NULL.legis NULL.state NULL.ia NULL.us/lsadocs/SC_MaterialsDist/2006/SDDFK005 NULL.PDF)