Educational Mini-Grants

Available Now!

The Iowa Geographic Information Council (IGIC) board has allocated $5,000 for the 2020-21 fiscal year to support geospatial educational outreach programs within the state of Iowa. Typical grants range from $100 to $1,200.

Example Applications:  small equipment, travel expenses, meeting rooms, event food, event supplies, material development, marketing materials, publication/printing costs,  speaker fees, intern costs, smartphone and tablet apps.

IGIC offers additional support such as:  locating of existing equipment that can be borrowed, email and facebook notifications, call for GIS support in local areas, general consultation, and other undefined services.

Please submit a one to two page document with the following information:

  • Submitter’s name, Employer, Contact information (phone, email, mailing address)
  • Paragraph explanation of your project
  • Projected project costs
  • Total amount asked for of IGIC Grant Program
  • Project team lead (person submitting the grant request)
  • Project team
  • Project Timeline
  • Target audience and expected participation levels
  • Expected outcomes
  • Name of IGIC member/board sponsor

Upon acceptance of the grant proposal it is expected that within three months of project completion the project team lead will submit a report with the following deliverables:

  • Project summary (challenges, lessons learned, participant comments) – 1-2 pages
  • Financial report (actual costs and disbursements)
  • Data collected (if project used to collect data)
  • Copy of educational materials developed
  • Metrics from event related to the project (ie. – number of participants, outcomes, etc.)

If there are any questions about the program please submit them via email at All submissions should be sent to The submission timeline is open ended and applications will be reviewed until the funds available have been exhausted.  It is the review team’s expectation that applications will be responded to within ten days’ time.

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