IGIC Lunch & Learn

Lunch and Learn

IGIC is now offering a new series of Lunch & Learn sessions. These sessions are open to all IGIC members and interested parties. Lunch & Learn session will provide our members opportunities to attend training and network with fellow GIS professionals, without taking away from your busy workday. IGIC wants to provide an open and relaxed learning environment that encourages collaboration. One of IGIC’s core missions is to emphasize and encourage continuous education and outreach.

Our first IGIC Lunch & Learn will be held on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at noon, via WebEx. Gale Shea with Seiler Instruments will be discussing “Professional GPS Mapping – What you need to know about achieving high accuracy X,Y locations in the field”.

Session Description:
If you’ve ever wondered how the key components of Global Navigation Satellite Systems really work, this ‘GPS 101’ session will teach you what’s actually happening under the hood. When GIS field data needs to be mapped to sub-meter, sub-foot, or even better specifications; there are some very particular requirements to ensure that kind of professional accuracy. Current state of the practice technology choices for GIS field users will also be briefly outlined.

Join us for an informational learning session and the opportunity to say “hi” to your fellow IGIC members!

Download the .ics calendar event below with all the WebEx details.