IGIC Board Elections Open!

The election for 2022-2024 terms of the IGIC Board are now open! Below you will find two links. The first contains links to all the nominees bios and the second is the ballot. We will be keeping elections open until Friday, May 27th at 5:00 pm. You can vote for up to 23 people leaving 2 empty. If you have two emails on this list, you may only vote once.

Election Form

Iowa Geographic Information Council Board members shall represent IGIC interest sectors. Seats will be designated for specific sectors in the following manner with the top vote getters filling their respective sector positions and the next 10 vote getters overall filling the at-large positions:

2 – Private sector

1 – Regional organizations

1 – Municipal governments

2 – County governments

3 – State of Iowa

1 – U.S. Federal government agencies

3 – Education sector (defined as University, College, Community College, and K-12 education)

10 – at-large (open to any IGIC member in good standing regardless of sector of affiliation)

The current chair and vice-chair positions are guaranteed to be on the Board for the next cycle. This means that Penny Vossler (Boone County) and Ben Wagner (City of Waterloo) already have seats.