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Bylaw Changes

In the January 2021 business meeting, the Board discussed amending the bylaws to change the prescribed composition of the IGIC board.

View January 2021 Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Here are the proposed changes to the bylaws as discussed at the January meeting:

Article IV
Section 5. Each IGIC Board members shall represent an IGIC interest sectors. Fifteen seats will be designated for specific sectors in the following manner: Four two Board members shall represent Private sector organizations; two one shall represent Regional sector organizations; three  two shall represent Municipal governments; four three shall represent County governments; four three shall represent State of Iowa government; two one shall represent U.S. Federal government agencies that use GIS in their State of Iowa activity; two shall represent the Community College and K-12 Educational sector; and four three shall represent the Education sector (defined as University, College, Community College, and K-12 education) sector. Ten seats shall be deemed ‘at-large’ and will be open to any IGIC member in good standing regardless of sector of affiliation.

The intention of this change is to reduce the number of seats that are assigned to specific areas and create new at large seats that can be filled by any participating member. The impetus for this change was a realization that the GIS user world is changing and no longer dominated by government and academia, as well as the fact that we have had trouble filling seats on the board in the past few years.

There will be a vote on these bylaw changes at the next IGIC Board Quarterly Meeting on April 21, 2021.

If you have an questions or comments, please email BJ Covington (bj NULL.covington null@null iowadot NULL.us), IGIC Chair.