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IGIC Mission – foster an efficient GIS environment through cooperation and coordination with public and private entities that access, collect, provide, and share data, metadata, applications, and educational opportunities.

IGIC Vision – Geospatial technologies are being used to effectively deliver services and address many issues of importance to Iowa’s citizens.  Once developed, common data layers and applications are maintained and shared so that all users can fully benefit.  Government, academic, private and non-profit organizations within Iowa’s geospatial community all share responsibility to contribute to the development and support of geospatial resources, work together cooperatively and continue to promote GIS into the future.

2012 IGIC Strategic Plan (http://www NULL.iowagic NULL.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/2012_IGICStrategicPlan_1pager_042012 NULL.doc NULL.docx)