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March 2023 IGIC Lunch & Learn: Adding R to your mapping woRkflow

Join your fellow IGIC members for the March 2023 Lunch & Learn on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 .

In this presentation you will learn how R and RStudio can be used to simplify data cleaning, wrangling and previewing spatial data.

Demonstration will include loading data tables, retrieving Census data, geoprocessing and exporting results as slippy maps, shapefiles or into a database.

Christopher J. Seeger, PLA, GISP
Professor, Iowa State University

Jay Maxwell
Spatial Data Science Extension Specialist, Iowa State University

Chris and Jay are extension specialist with the Indicators Team at Iowa State University Extension and Outreach where they provide GIS training workshops, publish the Date for Decision Makers and write the GIS and Data Science task sheet publication series.

Webex Meeting Information:

Join from the meeting link
https://iastate.webex.com/iastate/j.php?MTID=m3257fda82b96b32051778cc1ba35ed5e (https://iastate NULL.webex NULL.com/iastate/j NULL.php?MTID=m6a6241771cfe17bb7c5bb116accfaeab)

(https://iastate NULL.webex NULL.com/iastate/j NULL.php?MTID=m3257fda82b96b32051778cc1ba35ed5e)

Meeting number (access code): 2621 538 0189
Meeting password: Bv2K3tJhxR3