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February 2023 IGIC Lunch & Learn – Arcade Basics Part 2

Join your fellow IGIC members for the February 2023 Lunch & Learn on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 at noon.

Join Hunter Ray with Cloudpoint Geospatial as he continues his presentation of Arcade Basics, Part 2.

We got an overview in January 2023 and now Hunter will present more examples and leave time for discussion about Arcade. So come ready with questions!

Watch January 2023 Learning the Game – Arcade Basics, Part 1 (https://youtu NULL.be/Ud5yYO81dSw)

Presenter: Hunter Ray, Cloudpoint Geospatial

The Lunch & Learn webinar begins online at 12:00 pm Central Time.

Webex Meeting Information:

Join from the meeting link
(https://iastate NULL.webex NULL.com/iastate/j NULL.php?MTID=mf438a247fcb74013c0aea95504caff5d)https://iastate.webex.com/iastate/j.php?MTID=m4e8d1ee7ac1b08263b1e57af31be953e (https://iastate NULL.webex NULL.com/iastate/j NULL.php?MTID=m4e8d1ee7ac1b08263b1e57af31be953e)

(https://iastate NULL.webex NULL.com/iastate/j NULL.php?MTID=m4e8d1ee7ac1b08263b1e57af31be953e)

Meeting number (access code): 2622 573 1110
Meeting password: JVfW92rWeJ2