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The mission of this committee is to facilitate collaboration among health GIS users from the public health and medical professions within the IGIC membership. To achieve issues-based objectives and promote the use of geospatial information in line with the goals of this committee, IGIC membership, IGIC Board and other stakeholders.

Committee Objectives:

  • Promote the use of geographic information technology among public health and medical professions for transaction processing, planning, decision-making and problem-solving processes.
  • Promote education and training in GIS and related technologies within all levels of public health and medical professionals.
  • Adopt, communicate and promote GIS standards for use by the public health and medical communities to facilitate data collection and promote data sharing.
  • Provide a mechanism through which the IGIC can play a role in the effort to improve the health of Iowans.
  • Identify research opportunities for expanding the application of geospatial data and GIS methodology in the health services arena.
  • Advocate strategies for promoting the use of GIS in health information management.
  • Provide consistent interaction between the health GIS committee and other stakeholders to build and maintain strategic and targeted relationships.
  • Advocate on behalf of IGIC to address health GIS objectives.
  • Help develop strategies to encourage participation in IGIC by health care decision makers, public health professionals and other major stakeholders.
  • Respond to time critical activities as assigned by IGIC Chair and produce IGIC position papers and educational materials on issues as appropriate.
  • The Committee may create work groups or task groups, or further subdivisions, at the discretion of the Committee Chairperson, as appropriate to carry out its activities and meet its responsibilities.
  • Periodically review and suggest updates to IGIC’s Bylaws to ensure the organization can accomplish its objectives in a timely and effective manner.
  • Create and maintain a forum through which committee members can interact, share, exchange georeferenced health information and resources.
  • Engage the health GIS community to build a more active membership and encourage involvement by bringing together existing IGIC members, adding members to IGIC for the purpose of joining this committee and recruiting other stakeholders to participate in projects and discussions pertaining to health GIS in Iowa.

Membership Roles (identify chair and any other designated roles):

  • Chair of Committee – as appointed by Board
  • Secretary of Committee – as assigned


Membership Responsibilities: Members will attend and participate in meetings as scheduled and assist through contribution in the development, review and refinement of this committee’s objectives. Travel as necessary. Attend key meetings. Represent IGIC rather than their individual organization. Present a balanced representation of the views of all committee members to external groups or organizations. Commit time to meet objectives and work product deliverable as defined for the Committee.


Membership Roster: The Committee Secretary will be responsible for updating the roster of participants as needed. Membership in the Committee is restricted to IGIC members.


Meeting Schedule: Meet at a minimum of every 3 months close and prior to the IGIC quarterly meeting. Meet more often as required to achieve issues-based objectives. Work Groups will schedule meetings independently. The committee will meet via teleconference unless otherwise designated.


Required Reports: Committee meeting minutes will be posted on the IGIC website and Committee reports will be made to the IGIC Board on a quarterly basis. Work Groups and Liaisons report to the Committee.